Google+(google plus)目前如火如荼,但不幸的是我直到今天才正式用上,原因就是在google+上线前,google个人资料被停用了。

个人资料被停用的影响还不大,对gmail、gtalk等应用均无影响,貌似profile和Buzz绑定的紧密些,但现在还有人使用Buzz吗?中英文结合搜索了半天,只是了解到资料被停用的原因,我原来的名字是中英文混合的,不符合google的名称规则。但是,对于如何使个人资料重新生效,没有找到任何有效的办法,只好修改、删除、新增试了好多次。同时看到某些英文reference的说明,貌似应该在修改后进行“申诉”,但整个过程中没有看到任何的”申诉”入口。最后还是在google help forum中找到了申诉链接,申诉后等了1天,问题解决。




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      I am so right there with you on the weight thing. I eat mostly healthy (at least I do;n8#217&t eat a lot of processed foods), but also eat PLENTY. And I loves me some IPA. I look forward to reading about your success and being inspired.

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      I read your poitsng and was jealous

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